How We Do It


Client Services

Successful projects need more than just great software. They need the attention of knowledgeable, skilled project teams dedicated to understanding client needs and delivering on client requirements. TCDI’s skilled project teams are a difference maker for each and every client.

Client Data Services

Providing support to all things data, Client Data Services is TCDI’s team of professionals with the knowledge and discipline to meet project data needs in sound, repeatable, and defensible ways.


In all aspect of what we do and how we do it, you’ll find a relentless quest to become better. You might hear the phrase: “We did that well!” However, you’ll also hear it closely followed by: “How can we do that better?”


Your data is important and you’re entrusting it to our safe keeping. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. In fact, we take great effort to ensure your data is as safe, or safer, in our data center than it is in yours.


Risk reduction doesn’t just happen. It’s planned, executed, and audited.  When we talk about risk reduction, we’re talking about the actions we take to protect our clients’ interests.


If actions speak louder than words, than the actions in these case stories speak loudly about the commitment and results we deliver.