Client Services

In conversations about providers of hosted review and production or case management solutions, the focus tends to be on the technology.  However, when projects don’t go well it’s rarely the technology that’s at fault.  Most problems occur due to a lack of knowledge, support, or skill of the project team in place. Over the years, our project teams have built a reputation of delivering an uncommonly high level of support and service.  Our Project Directors average 7½ years with TCDI and over 12 years of real-world industry experience. We couple that experience with sound team structure to optimize the attention, results, and relationship you’ll experience as a TCDI client.

The first line of project support in any client engagement is with our project management team.  Our approach is to apply a multi-tiered structure of Project Directors, Project Managers, and Project Coordinators in a way that allows us to monitor and distribute project tasks and team workloads without negatively impacting our ability to be highly responsive and available. We then keep that structure in place so our teams work consistently with the same clients to build knowledge, trust, and increasing effectiveness over long-term partnerships.

Through our Client Support Center (CSC), end users of our platforms have 24/7/365 support as close as a phone call away.  The CSC is staffed by knowledgeable TCDI employees ready to serve whenever you need them. In addition to being there when you need them, CSC staff perform proactive checks and tests on site activity with the goal of finding and correcting any issues before you even know they were there.

Through the support, service, and attention we provide, our goal is to make you say “Wow.”