October 20, 2016

Reinventing Review for Small and Mid-Sized Firms – Podcast with Ari Kaplan

In an interview with Ari Kaplan, the conversation was focused on why CVFox was developed for the small and mid-sized law firm market. Since that market sector has been a passion of mine for years, I enjoyed the discussion and was able to talk about the origin of CVFox and how the mid-sized market is now getting equipped with the proper tools to manage ESI. The growth of our industry started with technologists building platforms to handle all of the initial large volumes of ESI, and the mid-sized law firm market was stuck with the legacy document review platforms that weren’t built to manage ESI. The emergence of eDiscovery SaaS tools now level the playing field for firms of all sizes without the expense of infrastructure and enterprise platforms. I appreciate Ari Kaplan taking the time to discuss this with me and I look forward to sharing this discussion with you.

CVFox, being built as a simplified interface to TCDI’s sophisticated CVSix platform, it allows firms of all sizes to have access to concept analytics with every review with simplified and predictable pricing.


You can listen to the interview HERE

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