Privacy Policy

Updated – 11/11/2015

TCDI respects and safeguards the privacy of all personal information in all of its forms and locations under which we manage. This is a trust placed with us by our Clients and is extended to all whom we reach in the course of doing business.

Data Related to Client Systems

In the normal course of business, TCDI hosts and has controlled access to data, provided by our Clients, which may contain personal information. This data is provided by, and hosted for, Clients who have engaged TCDI to provide general data hosting services, as well as, legal technology support for legal discovery (ESI processing and document review & production), investigations, assessments, or case management.

TCDI does collect a limited amount of personal information from client-approved users of our legal technology solutions. The personal information collected from these users is used for automated user authentication and user verification of callers to our Client Support Center. Internal access to this information is restricted to those with a need to have.

TCDI will not use or distribute any Client data for any purpose other than that for which our Clients have contractually expressed and directed, or as may be required by law, regulatory authority, or legal process.

Data Related to Marketing

TCDI does collect a limited amount of personally identifiable information such as name, email address, and telephone numbers from visitors to our website who are requesting information on our products and services. The information collected is voluntarily given and used to facilitate our business communications. If you would prefer not to give your information through our web contact form, you can call TCDI directly at (888) 823-2880 and ask for someone in business development. TCDI also maintains an active CRM system containing a limited amount of personally identifiable information on current Clients and prospects interested in our products and services.

On our public website, we use cookies (pieces of data transferred to a visitors computer) to collect a minimal amount of information about visitors to our public website. The information collected includes:

  • Date, time and length of your visit
  • Pages visited
  • IP address
  • Browser type

This information is used in statistical analysis intended to help us improve visitor experience to our website. If you prefer not to allow us to collect this information, change your browser settings to disable cookies.

TCDI does not sell, share, or otherwise forward any personal information outside the company.

Correcting Personal Information

You may send an email to requesting information or corrections to your personally identifiable information, or to opt-out of our promotional communications. To protect your privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before providing or correcting information.

Protecting Your Information and Data

TCDI maintains the highest levels of commitment to information privacy and security. We maintain strict physical, technical and administrative safeguards in the process of protecting your information. We implement strict access controls and regularly train our people on data privacy and security practices.

TCDI takes seriously all questions and concerns regarding information privacy and security. All inquiries will be investigated and elevated until resolved.