proactive | compliant | vigilant | responsive

Gain peace of mind in our digital world by protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and critical systems. TCDI security practitioners, analysts, engineers and forensic investigators will apply their unique skills to create confidence in your information systems and policies.  Services include:

Your Trusted Security Advisor

Becoming familiar with your organization is our first priority. Then, we use that familiarity to help our clients attain the appropriate level of security by providing direction on how to bring risk to an acceptable level by either reducing the likelihood of the risk occurring, avoiding the risk, transferring the risk, or accepting the risk.

Depending on organizational need, technologies and programs, such as host-based intrusion detection, data loss prevention, and network access controls can be leveraged to gain insight, understanding and ultimately control over your entire information infrastructure.  We will work together with you to prioritize and launch the most important cybersecurity actions, in alignment with your acceptable risk profile and budget.

Everyone in the organization needs to be on board, which means communication, training, performance monitoring and administration. Finally, we come full circle when we assess how well we have all performed, as individuals, teams, and as an organization – and we continuously improve by again asking the question “Has the security strategy changed?”

The TCDI Approach to Cybersecurity

TCDI clients have confidence in their security and in our company because of the care and discretion we apply to each project, no matter how large or small. We offer a proactive, compliant, vigilant and responsive approach to protecting data by  balancing the risks associated with the transmission, storage, processing, and access to information.

Clients have relied on our security best practices to protect their data for over a decade. To request a quote for cybersecurity services, please click here.