Data Hosting

Decisions on where and how your data is hosted can have significant impact on how smooth your projects run and how secure your data is.

TCDI has hosted large review & production and case management clients and projects for over two decades. We own and operate our Tier 3 data center to ensure the security, performance and availability needed for the smooth uninterrupted flow of even the largest discovery and case management clients. Our Network Operations team builds and maintains a technology infrastructure for each client set to exceed the anticipated project upper limits and includes a dedicated set of servers and firewalls that are physically or logically segregated from all other client environments. Additionally, client sites are segregated on individual networks.  If volumes grow unexpectedly, or if more users are added to the system, the resources of each client environment can be seamlessly expanded to continuously deliver high performance with no user interruption or adverse impact on any other client. TCDI-hosted platforms have demonstrated consistent high performance, even with individual project volumes exceeding 10 terabytes and hundreds of users. We also backup each client site to the client’s individual backup media allowing for flexible backup times and the assurance of never co-mingling client data.