Data Processing

A product of TCDI development, Discovery WorkFlow®  was originally launched in 2009 and, that same year, was named by KMWorld as a Trend Setting Product for its innovative design and modular construction. Since 2009, TCDI has continued developing enhancements to Discovery WorkFlow and improving its speed and scalability for managing the ever-growing volumes associated with today’s eDiscovery.

Discovery WorkFlow offers:

  • Scalability – Optimizes efficiencies with consistent performance levels through the ability to expand the processing environment as data volumes increase
  • Fast processing speeds – Modernized architecture that can fully process data at speeds of over 100gb/hour
  • Configurability – Built with a modular design that allows for customization of processing and culling technologies to meet specific processing requirements
  • Security – Takes place within secure networks, and each client’s data is authenticated to a specific, segregated SQL server with full exception reporting available and activity logs maintained on every object in process
  • Simple and predictable pricing – Highly competitive and offered through simple pricing models

Discovery WorkFlow provides the advantages of fast and affordable file processing with exports in load-file formats suitable for any major review and production platform.  It manages hundreds of different file types and allows for flexible, custom processing requirements to meet the demands of comprehensive review and production projects.

Processing in Discovery WorkFlow allows you to save your budget for document review, analysis and production by processing your data quickly and effectively. Let us wow you with our pricing and turnaround times. Call 1.888.823.2880 or email for more detailed pricing information.