Analysis and Assessment

Case team members conducting data and case assessment activities have some powerful user capabilities at their fingertips.  Capabilities include fast and robust search and retrieval through Boolean search of fielded and full text data, as well as concept searching of full text alone or in combination with field and keyword filters. Search results can easily be expanded to include related documents such as parent and family, email threads, near-duplicates, or any other related parameter in the database. When you identify documents of interest, one-click “Find Similar” will bring back additional documents that are conceptually similar in meaning or content.  Concept clustering may be useful in grouping documents with like ideas and content for faster and more efficient review.  And, reporting or collaboration on searches and search results is also made easy.

Robust Search

Detailed Search Results

Find Similar

Cluster on the Fly

Cluster on the Fly

If needed, the TCDI project team can help provide additional advanced, backend analysis and reporting functionality if your requirements can’t be managed through the ClarVergence® user interface.