End User

TCDI has a long track record of delivering ClarVergence® for litigation management designed around the unique needs and requirements of each client and case resulting in a more cohesive, successful, and cost-effective defense.

Systems for large-scale and complex litigation have multiple users with varying roles related to the litigation.  National counsel’s needs are different from the trial teams, which are different than expert witnesses or other third parties.  On top of that, inside counsel may have another set of requirements all together.  As such, the needs for search & retrieval, security, navigation, reporting, exporting, and collaboration all need to meet the unique needs of a diverse set of users.  Additionally, over time, this type of litigation tends to evolve with new user requirements that couldn’t be anticipated up front.  TCDI knows this world and we walk hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure a consistent and continuous delivery on their needs.

What Our Clients Say

Our corporate clients and their defense teams find that the ClarVergence for litigation management solution provides great benefits, and have reported that it:

  • Greatly enhances efficiencies in information management, access and usage
  • Appreciably reduces the time and cost associated with redundant work product arising from multiple firms and counsel who are geographically disperse
  • Significantly improves the consistency of representation by providing information centrally accessible to all litigation team members
  • Notably improves the visibility into emerging and high-risk cases
  • Dramatically simplifies reporting obligations
  • Considerably reduces overall cost of defense

ClarVergence offers counsel across multiple firms and locations the ability to compile, review, research and collaborate in a highly secure, web-based environment. Users have access to a highly customizable central repository that that can handle individually unique data and file collection requirements.

General ClarVergence Features for Litigation Management

  • Advanced Boolean
  • Direct database query
  • Search history
  • Combine saved searches
  • Data Dictionary information per field
  • Range of search operators per field
  • Pop-up index terms for selection or tally
  • Pop-up proximity search screen
  • Wildcard support
  • Full Text Searching with highlighted hits

Document Viewing
  • Table view of summary results for quick analysis and reporting
  • User defined viewing fields
  • Sort fields on the fly
  • Tally field data from the summary display
  • View associated images/electronic documents in summary or full record view
  • Side-by-side full record view of image and metadata
  • Quick print or quick reports from results
  • Generate and customize reports from results
  • Global-edit individual or bulk records (with edit rights)

  • Save reports
  • Re-run existing reports
  • Schedule reports to auto-run
  • Share reports
  • Download reports in customizable PDF, Excel, and CSV formats
  • Batch print reports to any batch printer or local printer
  • Custom Reports
  • Report “Preview” during design
  • Sort and group data
  • Name and save custom report formats
  • System defined reports with system-controlled queries and formats

  • System-wide configured homepage
  • Collaborate within Group or System wide
  • Create folders and Briefcases
  • Share reports, searches, and search result sets
  • Upload and share files
  • Client defined Groups dictate data access and viewing permission down to the field level
  • Client defined roles establish user access to system capabilities