Our Story

TCDI was founded in 1988 to provide business and government clients with advanced database application and system design services. In 1990, we started our first litigation technology project and we’ve stayed focused in the legal technology business ever since.

The fact that our first litigation technology client is still an active client today says we’re doing something right. In fact, we’re doing a lot right. From a humble beginning, we’ve grown into a leader in the litigation technology industry.  Our clients span a broad range of industries and, from our very outset, have asked us to deliver advanced technology in large-scale solutions. It’s not just the technology that makes us different;  it’s the people, support, and partnerships we develop that has led to the long lasting and loyal client base we’ve established. The more you get to know us, the more you’ll want to become a part of our story as well.

In early 2016, TCDI acquired JURINNOV to combine our strengths of litigation technology, computer forensics and cybersecurity for our respective clients, and further expanded our geographic footprint.