Law firm achieved 50% decrease in coding costs and turnaround time within 3 months of development of custom technology solution


A current law firm client used CV Litigation Management to store all case related documents such as pleadings, transcripts and exhibits for trial prep. While the intake of data and documents was automated, the client worked with a third-party vendor to rapidly code and manipulate documents. The turnaround time and accuracy from the vendor was poor and many hours were spent each week coordinating with the vendor and TCDI to fix documents that were miscoded. Over the years, it became apparent that the drive to fully automate the intake of data was constrained by the available technology and the difficulty in populating certain fields of metadata in a truly automated way.


The documents needed to be properly coded and available quickly so that the attorneys could easily find the documents they need in order to prepare a proper timely defense and meet the legal requirements of their client. An extended turnaround time or inaccurate coding could potentially cause the loss of a case and client.


In an effort to streamline our client’s processes and provide a comprehensive platform to perform data entry and maintenance functions while making use of advanced technologies, we worked closely with the client to identify their needs. TCDI designed a custom solution that allowed the client’s internal resources to load, unitize and code the documents themselves. From inception to delivery, TCDI was able to build, test and roll out a custom tool within 90 days thus alleviating the need for the third party vendor. This allowed for the client to not only save time on the turnaround of the coding, but also save on the cost of paying for the third party vendor. In addition, the implementation of the CV Workbench eased the frustration that had been part of the coding process dues to errors and missed deadlines.

Client Quote

“The ability to code case documents in-house as opposed to working with a third party vendor has allowed us to reduce our turnaround time and made it possible to make new materials available to our user population within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. Keeping the documents in-house resulted in improved quality of coding over the data received previously from a third party and eliminated the need to review and edit the data we were receiving. Reduced turnaround time, better quality and less editing greatly reduced our overall costs.” – Litigation Support Consultant at Law Firm