Is your culture interfering with data security?

With the ease and prevalence of global expansion, security leaders must understand how to implement security across a global organization to avoid weaknesses, targets for attackers or sources of data breaches. Our natural inclination is to plan based on the culture we know and the experiences we have had, but global security leadership requires a […]

April 3, 2015 |

Don’t be a victim. Be a protector

As vigorously as many organizations are working to prevent them, data breaches are becoming more of a common occurrence, and the consequences are even bigger for organizations and the individuals whose data they hold in trust. As such, we need to get our terms straight, especially when it comes to the victim. If your wallet were stolen, […]

February 24, 2015 |

An elegy for privacy

Eric Vanderburg In childhood I dreamed of a world so grand Where my name and face were no longer a mystery A life far removed from the one that felt bland Popular, famous, well regarded, in fact, pure fantasy Little did I know that my dream would become real My name and identity are known […]

February 18, 2015 |

The case for consistency in security

Security spending could be compared to the stock market. It increases and decreases depending on intangibles such as how “at-risk” the organization feels rather than on objective measures such as the number of cyberattacks, vulnerabilities or data breaches. An organization may put technical controls in place, educate employees and establish new policies immediately following a […]

February 3, 2015 |

The 5 W’s of data identification and inventory

Eric Vanderburg I always figured that you would need to know what you have in order to protect it. However, I have seen far too many companies implement “best practices,” standards, or compliance programs without first understanding what they have to protect. Asset inventory systems are bundled into many security systems or other management tools, […]

January 14, 2015 |

How to Promote Security without using Fear

Eric Vanderburg We’ve seen quite a variety of online threats recently. A simple email containing a convincing subject line can compromise a computer, infect a network or shut down operations. Just recently, the security world had to deal with the Heartbleed bug which has weakened web encryption. And of course, there’s the never-ending case of […]

January 6, 2015 |

Cloud security empowerment

Eric Vanderburg The cloud has received a lot of negative press from security professionals and, I have to admit, we’ve come off a bit strong. There are real and valid security concerns for the cloud but there are also plenty of articles explaining how to combat these challenges. With such resources, the informed person should […]

December 23, 2014 |

Cybersecurity and the boy who cried wolf

It seems like security practitioners are still saying the same things they said ten years ago. Use complex passwords. Change them often and don’t use the same one for every account. Verify the identity of persons before you transact with them. Check it before you click it. These and many more have been on the […]

December 9, 2014 |

Debriefs are core to continuous improvement

Written by: Eric Vanderburg Do you conduct debriefing sessions after a project is completed? Quite often, our minds are moving on to the next project that we need to wrap up or start. Although you may think that a debriefing session takes up precious time, it’s an essential practice that needs to be done more […]

December 4, 2014 |

Fighting Employee Apathy Towards Security

Is it irritating when an employee loses a phone containing sensitive company information? Even more irritating is that the loss of such a device is almost considered by employees as a cost of doing business. Absolute Software conducted a survey on organizational response to lost corporate devices that was participated in by 750 US employees […]

December 3, 2014 |

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