Many have heard of the Panama and Paradise Papers where millions of sensitive documents were released to the public. Cybersecurity is not a new issue and the damage caused by attacks is rising exponentially each year.  In fact, it is expected that cybercrime damages will reach 6 trillion dollars by 2021.  Of the organizations targeted, law firms are seeing a rise in attacks due to the nature of the data they hold.

In this presentation, a panel consisting of legal and technology experts, moderated by Tim Opsitnick of TCDI, will discuss the current trends in cyber attacks, why attackers are focusing on law firms and the techniques they implement, and discuss the legal and ethical obligations a lawyer has in regard to protecting his or her clients’ confidential data.


  • Timothy M. Opsitnick, Executive Vice President, Expert Services and General Counsel, TCDI
  • David C. Shonka, Former Acting General Counsel, Federal Trade Commission
  • Eric Vanderburg, Vice President, TCDI
  • Kevin F. Brady, Of Counsel, Redgrave LLP

Webinar: Cybersecurity and Law Firms – Understanding Legal and Ethical Obligations

Date: May 10, 2018 EDT, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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