Webinar: Avoid Surprising Litigation Discoveries

Complex Litigation management is no easy task and managing the growing amounts of data from different teams can seem impossible. Does your case management tool help you manage multiple cases in one dashboard? Are you able to visualize all of your data at once and create clear and persuasive charts and graphs to tell your story? Are you able to keep your law firms from duplicating efforts?

Learn how you can leverage the latest technology to link case profiles, contacts, calendar items, transcripts, exhibits, pleadings and other litigation materials together for one-click access. The panel of experts will share strategies for simplifying complex litigation management and multi-case data in one central repository to reduce time, effort and cost for all legal teams involved.

“Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” Mattie J.T. Stepanek

You’ll walk away with actionable ideas on how to:

  • Stop the tide of redundant work product creation
  • Provide secure access to multiple firms and counsel who are all over the map
  • Improve the consistency and quality of representation through centrally accessible information
  • Give greater visibility into emerging and high-risk cases through reporting and dashboards
  • Equip legal teams to be able to do more with less – because that’s the goal, right?


  • Timothy M. Opsitnick, Executive Vice President, Expert Services and General Counsel, TCDI
  • Caragh Landry, President, Litigation Services, TCDI
  • Ellen Gregg, Partner, Womble Bond Dickenson LLP
  • Mike Klein, Assistant General Counsel, Altria
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