Lunch and Learn: Incident Response Planning

Join us for a Lunch & Learn event, “Incident Response Planning” sponsored by Total Computer Solutions.

So you developed your security plans and implemented your controls to reduce the risk of a data breach.  But it happened anyway.  Now what?

For many companies, effectively preparing for and managing a breach can mean the difference between staying in businesses and going out of business.  This session is intended to focus on the key components of incident response preparation and implementation that might save your business and keep you out of regulatory hot water.

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • Common Breach Root Causes
  • What to Consider in Preparing for Incident Response Planning
  • The Anatomy of an Incident Response Plan
  • Key Players and Their Responsibilities
  • Critical Do’s and Don’ts

During lunch, you will learn how to prepare for an incident response plan.



Tom MacKenzie, CIPP US/E, CIPM,

Vice President, Privacy & Security Compliance

As TCDI’s Data Protection Officer, Tom focuses on ensuring that privacy and security policies and controls are in place and consistently exercised. This real world, day-to-day view, gives Tom a unique perspective on how the, sometimes, lofty security expectations get        translated into a daily reality.

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