Eric Vanderburg


Losing data can be tremendously devastating to a company. It could compromise security, information, and jobs. Today, we will look at twelve actions that a company can take to mitigate the risks of a data breach. These twelve steps, performing a risk analysis, asset identification and classification, attention to detail, encryption, social networking, compliance, management of personnel, least privilege, solution diversity, tracking mobile devices, data destruction and testing are essential to helping a company’s security program.

1)  Perform a risk analysis

2)  Asset identification and classification

3)  Attention to detail

4)  Encryption

5)  Social networking

6)  Comply with regulations and standards

7)  Manage Personnel

8)  Least privilege

9)  Solution Diversity

10)  Track mobile devices

11)  Destroy old documents, data, and hardware

12)  Test the system