TCDI’s services and solutions reflect our best practice approach from design through execution, and we have a 30-year proven record of efficiently working hand in hand for both our corporate clients and law firms.

TCDI has unparalleled experience in Legal, Cybersecurity and Expert Services. We continue to build scalable and customizable technology and platforms for law firms as well as corporations, both small and large. Driving our product and system development is a commitment of considerable resources aimed at researching, developing, and capitalizing on new emerging technologies. And we are proud to be a trusted advisor across all of our solutions for our clients.

In addition to our technical expertise, we are dedicated to superior project management and unparalleled customer service. Our project management team includes professionals with extensive subject matter expertise and thought leadership, many of whom have served on the front lines of litigation support teams and cybersecurity teams in other organizations. It’s the experience our team brings that reinforces our client’s sentiment that we are not only working in sync with them, but are an extension of their team. That is the TCDI way.

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