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In today’s world, evidence is rarely preserved on paper. Security isn’t compromised at the back door but at the firewall. The good news is electronic data often leaves a deeper trail than paper. You just have to know how to collect digital evidence and recover data. And we do. In fact, we specialize in computer forensics.

Forensic Collections

Computer forensics is useful in a variety of litigation matters and corporate investigations. Whether relevant data is contained on a laptop, server, cell phone or other device, our certified forensic analysts are trained to collect electronic evidence following forensic methodologies and procedures.

Employee Data Theft Investigations

Employee data theft occurs most frequently just prior to, or immediately after, an individual’s termination or resignation from an organization. Motives for data theft include setting up a competing business, using the information at a new job, a sense of ownership of what was created, and revenge against the employer, among other things.

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Cell Phone Computer Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phones and tablets store a wealth of data such as email, text messages, voicemail, social media activity, and internet browsing history. As such, they are quickly becoming an integral part of the eDiscovery process. Specialized hardware and software, however, is necessary to preserve and analyze this important evidence.

Social Media Discovery

The forensics team is adept at preserving, searching, and authenticating social media and other web-based data for eDiscovery purposes. Supported platforms include but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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The forensics team prides itself on exceeding client expectations. Our responsive service and collaborative approach is what sets us apart from other providers. If the matter we are working on goes to trial, our certified forensic analysts will be prepared to provide expert witness testimony.

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