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Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phones and tablets store a wealth of data such as email, text messages, voicemail, social media activity, and internet browsing history.  As such, they are quickly becoming an integral part of the eDiscovery process.  Specialized hardware and software, however, is necessary to preserve and analyze this important evidence.

The computer forensics team at TCDI uses industry leading technology to preserve and analyze data stored on mobile devices, including:

  • Text Messages
  • Call History
  • Applications
  • Calendars
  • Voicemail
  • Email
  • Pictures and Videos
  • Geolocation Information
  • Contacts
  • Internet Browsing History


A variety of devices and operating systems (e.g. iOS and Android) are supported, such as:

  • iPhone®
  • iPad®
  • iPod Touch®
  • Samsung Galaxy®
  • HTC®
  • Blackberry®


The type of phone and operating system version will largely determine how much information can be retrieved, including deleted data. If deleted data is a concern, it is important to stop using the device and have it analyzed as soon as possible.  Otherwise, it will continue to be overwritten with ongoing use.

At the conclusion of the analysis, clients receive an easy to navigate report containing all the extracted information from the device. Or, if only interested in specific information or data, the report can be limited by keyword, date filter, or data type (such as text messages).   Finally, the forensic analyst assigned to the case can testify regarding the authenticity of the evidence, if necessary.

Cell phones are continuously advancing, giving these sophisticated devices the ability to store increasing amounts of relevant data.  Due to their prevalence, they are becoming an important part of the eDiscovery process.

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