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Data Processing and Hosting

In a litigation management system, the adage “garbage-in-garbage-out” is a curse that stems directly from poor intake and editing. In large-scale or complex litigation, garbage-in-garbage-out negatively impacts system value and usage, which wastes money and adversely affects the quality of defense put forward.

With almost 30 years’ experience in building and maintaining large-scale litigation management systems, TCDI understands the need for robust and flexible intake.  We know that every large, complex matter has a unique set of data and file collections with varying relationships requiring comprehensive and flexible capabilities and processes. As such, we help guide our clients in the design and implementation of data/document intake, coding and editing to meet demanding and ever-evolving system needs. We build in automation for document loading and help coordinate and control the flow of document coding to keep the system current and up-to-date for litigation team members everywhere.

TCDI has a long track record of delivering ClarVergence® for litigation management designed around the unique needs and requirements of each client and case resulting in a more cohesive, successful, and cost-effective defense.

Systems for large-scale and complex litigation have multiple users with varying roles related to the litigation.  National counsel’s needs are different from the trial teams, which are different than expert witnesses or other third parties.  On top of that, inside counsel may have another set of requirements all together.  As such, the needs for search & retrieval, security, navigation, reporting, exporting, and collaboration all need to meet the unique needs of a diverse set of users.  Additionally, over time, this type of litigation tends to evolve with new user requirements that couldn’t be anticipated up front.  TCDI knows this world and we walk hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure a consistent and continuous delivery on their needs.

Decisions on where and how your data is hosted can have significant impact on how smooth your projects run and how secure your data is.

TCDI routinely hosts review & production, large case management clients, projects, and has done so for nearly three decades. We own and operate our Tier 3 data center to ensure the security, performance and availability needed for the smooth uninterrupted flow of even the largest discovery and case management clients. Our Network Operations team builds and maintains a technology infrastructure for each client set to exceed the anticipated project upper limits and includes a dedicated set of servers and firewalls that are physically or logically segregated from all other client environments. Additionally, client sites are segregated on individual networks.  If volumes grow unexpectedly, or if more users are added to the system, the resources of each client environment can be seamlessly expanded to continuously deliver high performance with no user interruption or adverse impact on any other client.

TCDI-hosted platforms have demonstrated consistent high performance, even with individual project volumes exceeding 10 terabytes and hundreds of users. We also backup each client site to the client’s individual backup media allowing for flexible backup times and the assurance of never co-mingling client data.

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