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TCDI helps clients solve their legal challenges with innovative legal solutions built on a Lean Six-Sigma workflow. Our proprietary and established legal technologies are available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform or as part of our fully managed document review service. Clients have access to a broad range of customized solutions that focus on utilizing our proven technology platforms, and on the policies and procedures that support the entire eDiscovery process.

TCDI differentiates our legal services through:

  • Data reduction: We focus on reducing the volume of documents and delivering metrics in our proprietary software to dramatically lower costs. We help organizations proactively eliminate redundant data and collect only what is necessary. Our client services team assists clients with their process and harnesses our powerful technology for smarter, more efficient reviews. Through every step, data reduction is defensible and well-documented.
  • Process workflow: With over 70% of our staff trained in Lean Six Sigma, we take process improvement seriously. As a result, clients more effectively manage data from inception through production and beyond. Regardless of the type or size of the matter, our focus on continuous improvement and efficient workflows will deliver results quickly and cost effectively.
  • Thirty years of software design and state-of-the-art legal technology. We understand our clients’ unique requirements and deliver solution-oriented products and services to meet their needs. This includes providing best-of-breed technology and where possible, leveraging the client’s existing IT investments.
  • TCDI is fortunate to have clients that require the highest security standards, and we have been delivering this for years. Our Tier 3 data center and approach to providing isolated network and server environments for every client provides confidence and peace of mind in securing even the most sensitive data.
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