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Managed Services

TCDI’s Managed Services helps law firms and corporations achieve their most crucial business objectives in eDiscovery. Our eDiscovery Managed Services goes beyond unpredictable project-based pricing, hidden fees and charges. It enables ongoing, collaborative, proactive workflow, process and eDiscovery protocol improvements. It’s also about managing discovery in a way that provides unsurpassed visibility and transparency into your data and timelines.

Focus on your business

TCDI eDiscovery Managed Services takes the guesswork out of the eDiscovery process. Managed services engagements allow corporate legal teams and law firms to leverage our 30-year investment in proprietary technologies, infrastructure and expertise to improve and streamline operations while reducing costs.


The depth of TCDI’s expertise in managing legal processes and technology platforms provides a solid foundation for long-term managed services partnership. TCDI is an extension of our clients’ litigation support teams and document production teams.


Leveraging TCDI technology & Lean Six Sigma process

TCDI provides state-of-the-art technology, people, and company-wide Lean Six Sigma business processes allowing you to focus on the practice of law. 70% of TCDI employees are Lean Six Sigma certified. This percentage is unheard of in the legal industry and is born from a commitment to our clients to build efficient processes to gain their trust – continuing to train our teams in Lean Six Sigma assists in this process.


TCDI delivers a comprehensive and customized set of services tailored to each individual client. This allows us to assist with:

  • Eliminating overall expenses and managing operational costs associated with the licensing, provisioning and maintenance of litigation support technologies
  • Standardizing workflow methods across all cases to deliver an improved end-user experience with more reliable results using our Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Enhancing case team expertise by using proven eDiscovery best practices and workflows
  • Enabling case teams to leverage TCDI predictable pricing structures and constant collaborate communication
  • Creating repeatable, efficient and defensible processes for responding to eDiscovery matters
  • Enabling TCDI to deliver key strategies and execution across all their legal matters.
  • Lowering the burden of managing discovery consultants, third party staffing and technologies
  • Enabling rapid and scalable teams of forensic, attorney, and litigation technology staff who can respond to all types and sizes of cases all while meeting deadlines.
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