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Defensible Remote Forensic Collections

Digital forensics, whether performed in-house or by engaging an outside vendor, can uncover critical evidence for a variety of cases, including employee data theft, litigation holds, eDiscovery cases, and incident response investigations. Depending on the client’s location, budget, and turnaround time required by litigation and investigation collections, this process can often be stressful for both attorneys and their clients.

You will learn how remote forensic collections can benefit law firms and corporate legal departments by:

  • Reducing costs associated with on-site or in-house collections;
  • Facilitating the collection of a wide variety of data sources such as devices, corporate networks, social media platforms, web-based data, and what are now widely-used chat apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams;
  • Reducing turnaround times by performing collections at multiple locations simultaneously; and
  • Complementing the transition many organizations are making towards a remote workforce.

During the discussion, TCDI forensics experts will discuss the process behind remote forensic collections, how to evaluate and select the right outside vendor for your project, and how to ensure their process is repeatable, reproducible, and defensible for litigation purposes.

For more information, please contact Katie Niemi at 216.664.1100 or k_niemi@tcdi.com.

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