Remote Work and Cybersecurity: Supporting Employees Amid a Pandemic Webinar

Remote Work and Cybersecurity Webinar

As concerns over the coronavirus continue to increase across the United States, many employees are either being offered the opportunity or being required to work from home to help minimize exposure. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of this new remote workforce, and attacks are increasing. Remote work, however, can be done securely with the proper procedures, training, and technology in place.

During this webinar, Eric Vanderburg, Vice President of Cybersecurity, TCDI, Bogdan Salamakha, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, TCDI, and Frank Yako, CIO and Director of Strategic Initiatives, ASMGi, discuss ways organizations can support their team while protecting their valuable data, including:

  • The most common types of attacks facing remote employees;
  • Strategies hackers are using to exploit the coronavirus;
  • Practical steps employees can take to reduce their cybersecurity risk; and
  • How an organization’s IT department or MSP can provide the necessary support to their remote employees.

For more information, please contact Katie Niemi at 216.664.1100 or

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