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Using Computer Forensics to Investigate Employee Data Theft

May 1, 2017

Timothy Opsitnick, Joseph Anguilano and Trevor Tucker Over 25 percent of employees steal proprietary data when departing a company or organization, according to a recent study by Biscom.  To that end, our experience shows that departing employees have a sense of ownership over the data that they copy.  Intellectual property commonly stolen includes customer lists, […]

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Ready to Relax In Style at LTNY17

January 23, 2017

As Legal Tech 2017 approaches, we are all looking forward to what this year’s conference will bring. From new emerging software to “game changing” updates, there is much to see, but navigating the education tracks and showroom floor can be tough to ensure there is enough time to glean what is important to you. As […]

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Reinventing Review for Small and Mid-Sized Firms – Podcast with Ari Kaplan

October 20, 2016

In an interview with Ari Kaplan, the conversation was focused on why CVFox was developed for the small and mid-sized law firm market. Since that market sector has been a passion of mine for years, I enjoyed the discussion and was able to talk about the origin of CVFox and how the mid-sized market is […]

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Developing a Security-Oriented Corporate Culture

September 16, 20160 Comments

JURINNOV is pleased to announce the release of an important and timely white paper, “Developing a Security-Oriented Corporate Culture.” Organizations that do not develop a security-oriented corporate culture are risking fraud, loss or misuse of data, and even legal responsibility when information is compromised, according to the white paper written by Eric Vanderburg of JURINNOV. […]

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TCDI® Attends ILTA

September 12, 2016

TCDI, in conjunction with its recently acquired company JURINNOV, set out to make ILTACON 2016 fun for all participants, including other sponsors. We did this by launching the #foxtravels campaign where 1,000 plastic pop out foxes were mailed to ILTA particpants with the simple instructions ‘take a picture of the CVFox pop out in your city or […]

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The Five W’s (and How) of Ransomware

August 12, 20160 Comments

Ransomware is quickly becoming the weapon of choice used by hackers against consumers and businesses alike.  Its impact can be especially devastating to businesses as an infection on one single machine can spread to other computers and shut down an entire network.  Ransomware may be lurking inside an email attachment or online advertisement, and the […]

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What to look for in an eDiscovery SaaS provider

July 18, 20160 Comments

There is no question that there is a proliferation of established and new software providers creating a self-service option for eDiscovery. Nearly all of them have a way to upload data, perform searches, make decisions and kick out a production. What happens after the data load is a wide array of approaches to getting to […]

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Electronic Discovery Simplification and Sophistication – Now You Can Have Both

June 9, 20160 Comments

In a recent article for Bloomberg BNA’s Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, I discussed how big data captured the attention of technologists, who then developed software specifically for large-scale litigation without consideration for small to mediumsize cases. Furthermore, enterprise solutions generally suffered from scaling down economically to handle these cases and got “stuck” in legacy review […]

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JURINNOV Acquisition: What this Means for our Clients and the Industry

June 7, 20160 Comments

Last month, we announced the acquisition of Cleveland, Ohio-based JURINNOV Ltd. (which will continue its operation as JURINNOV, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of TCDI).  We are really excited about what this acquisition brings to TCDI. Founded in 2000, JURINNOV provides the legal and business communities with innovative solutions to address eDiscovery and data security […]

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eDiscovery and the Midtier Law Firm and Corporate Markets

June 1, 20161 Comment

The article published in Bloomberg BNA: Digital Discovery & e-Evidence takes a look at the history and growth in sophistication of software platforms catering to the legal markets. The first challenge for these platforms was to accommodate large cases involving high volumes of electronically stored information (ESI), which left a vacuum of attention to the small to […]

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BNA Bloomberg Article: eDiscovery and the Midtier Law Firm and Corporate Markets

June 1, 2016

The article published in Bloomberg BNA: Digital Discovery & e-Evidence by Rick Clark maps out the history and growth in functionality of software platforms built for the legal markets. The first problems addressed by these platforms was meant to accommodate large cases involving high volumes of electronically stored information (ESI), which pulled attention away from the small to medium size firms with […]

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TCDI Renames CVFox to Further Showcase Relationship with ClarVergence

May 25, 20160 Comments

TCDI Renames CVFox to Further Showcase Relationship with ClarVergence   CVFox Brings Affordable End-to-End Discovery with a Sophisticated Platform to the Midtier Corporate and Law Firm Market     Greensboro, NC – May 24, 2016 – TCDI, a leader in litigation technology and services for mass tort management, second requests, complex litigation and MDL case management, […]

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TCDI® Announces Acquisition of JURINNOV Ltd.

May 19, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TCDI® Announces Acquisition of JURINNOV Ltd. Deal expands TCDI’s service offerings and expertise   GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA – Thursday, May 19, 2016 – TCDI (, a leader in litigation technology and services for mass tort management, second requests, complex litigation and MDL case management, announced the acquisition earlier this month of Cleveland, […]

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ABA: Law Technology Today Article on Security with SaaS providers

April 29, 20160 Comments

Many eDiscovery SaaS providers leverage AWS for their infrastructure, and that is generally acceptable, but for those that stand up their own data center for their SaaS product need to have four safeguards. It is important to note that in an industry where data access is necessary often times, it may be in your or your […]

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ILTA Roadshows: My Experience as a Presenter

April 11, 20160 Comments

Rolling off of the successes that we experienced at Legaltech NY launching CVFox into the market, ILTA presented the opportunity to participate in their roadshow program to start a dialog on elements that are at the core of TCDI. The roadshows are strictly educational in nature, so the topic I presented to audiences in Charlotte, […]

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The human brain vs. computers in the identity challenge

March 22, 20160 Comments

Eric Vanderburg The concept of identity is core to the protection of data.  Data and other computing resources exist to be used by individuals, each of whom has an identity that is used to grant of deny access to such resources.  However, identity is not limited to humans.  Computer services also have an identity that […]

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TCDI Announces the Launch of CVFox at Legaltech New York

February 23, 20160 Comments

Company to showcase new offering that brings affordable end-to-end discovery to the midtier corporate and law firm market in booth #1311 at leading legal technology event   Greensboro, NC – January 27, 2016 – TCDI, a leader in litigation technology and services for mass tort management, second requests, complex litigation and MDL case management, today announces […]

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CVFox Has Arrived! And there was quite the Buzz!

February 10, 20160 Comments

If you haven’t heard all the buzz, we officially launched CVFox at Legaltech New York last week! After nearly 30 years of being a litigation partner to our clients, we knew there was a need for an affordable end-to-end discovery solution for the mid-tier corporate and law firm market. That’s where CVFox comes in! CVFox […]

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CVFox Is Launching at Legaltech New York

January 27, 20160 Comments

Legaltech New York, the largest legal technology event of the year, is taking place next week, and we have a lot of really great things planned for our attendance! First, and most importantly, CVFox is officially launching and will be available for demos at our booth (#1311).   To help us celebrate this launch, we […]

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As Seen in Lawtech News

January 6, 20160 Comments

If you didn’t get a chance to read my article titled, “Top Predictions for Managed Services Models in 2016,” you are going to want to check it out! The article talks about how security, cost predictability, best in breed technology and around the clock support are the baseline benefits for any MSA, but firms need […]

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