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Expert Teams that Work Smarter, Not Harder

TCDI Managed Review teams operate as an extension of your legal department, combining experienced attorneys with innovative review technology and proven processes that reduce costs and review time.

We take a consultative approach to each document review engagement, ensuring that your objectives are clearly understood from the beginning of the project. We follow industry standard best practices and thoroughly documented defensible processes to ensure dependably high-quality results. Our advanced reporting provides visibility and transparency throughout the entire review process.

By staffing a blend of lawyers, paralegals and law students, we have the flexibility to scale up quickly, and we can offer various levels of per-document pricing.

While we’re partial to our own proprietary hosted review technology, we fully support other major hosted review platforms as well, including Relativity and Brainspace, because we know that providing the best client service means working the way our clients want to work.

We designed our Managed Document Review to deliver on the three factors that clients need most: flexibility, scalability, and price.

Leveraging our virtual review center (VRC), we are able to employ reviewers from all over the US without sacrificing security.  With infrastructure that is more secure than most on-premise centers, our VRC removes geographical limitations, allowing us to extend the workday and the workweek. It increases our access to talent and specific skill sets, including foreign languages and case-related backgrounds.

Our Military Spouse Managed Review program makes TCDI unique.  Through our VRC, we employ lawyers who are spouses of active and veteran military personnel, creating jobs for an outstanding yet underserved, diverse segment of the legal talent pool. Military spouses are naturally sensitized to security and confidentially due to their spouses’ careers, and many are available to work overnight hours and weekends. We are proud to offer this unique win-win program to our clients. 

Managed Review Services Include:

  • First-Level and Second-Level Review
  • Privilege Review & Preparation of Privilege Logs
  • Redactions
  • Non-English Language Review
  • Review of Databases or Non-Readable Files
  • Remote Supervised Review
  • Contracts Review and Legal Research

From relevance review to predictive coding, we have the reach and experience to produce under any deadline in a turnkey capacity. We specialize in highly complex review projects, including those that require foreign language fluency and technical knowledge. Our Lean Six Sigma expertise has refined our systems and processes to ensure high efficiency. We understand that clear communication is the key to a successful partnership, and we bring a client-focused, people-first approach to everything we do.

36 years and counting. We must be doing something right.

It’s a lot easier to say than to do: Assemble the right mix of tech geeks, data nerds, flexible lawyers, Lean Six Sigma ninjas, and creative solution architects. Choose only people who are obsessed with client service and committed to being the best team they can be. Build systems that ensure high quality by design. Then stand back and let that team deliver an unmatched client experience at cost-effective, predictable prices.

Sure, it takes a bit of doing, but it’s worth it. And once you get used to working this way, nothing else will really do.