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Expertise and Technology-Enabled Support that Make Your Job Easier

Across businesses of all sizes and sectors, legal teams are under pressure to reduce the cost and complexity of the discovery process. That’s where we come in. Our proven ediscovery software and services, extensive industry experience and unmatched client support enhances your efficiency, delivering higher quality results while decreasing costs. We free up your teams for more important tasks, such as developing better case strategies.

TCDI provides electronic discovery services spanning the EDRM, including Collection, Processing, Analysis, Review and Production. Our powerful, sophisticated technology helps clients reduce data volumes while enabling more efficient and accurate human review.

We provide a client-focused approach to managing matters, collaboration, increasing efficiencies and reducing cost, all unified in one platform that provides predictability. And while we’re partial to our own proprietary hosted review technology, we fully support other major hosted review platforms as well, including Relativity and Brainspace, because we know that providing the best client service means working the way our clients want to work.

Our Legal Discovery Services Include:

  • An all-inclusive approach to strategy and technology to ensure efficiency, cost control, and defensibility
  • Depth of domain expertise and subject matter experts
  • An integrated discovery process that is highly defensible
  • The ability to scale for greater efficiency and lower costs
  • A predictable pricing structure to help clients manage and reduce total discovery costs

Our collection capabilities encompass the full range of data sources, including desktop computers, servers, databases and other devices such as flash drives, phones, websites, network shares, and cloud-based platforms.

We can also conduct searches of computing systems across a network by file name, keywords, deleted files, date, path, security permissions, file system type, file signature, and many other metadata fields.

TCDI’s Forensic Practice is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and works with clients all over the United States. Our forensics experts handle all electronic evidence, and our chain of custody documentation is designed to fully support our client’s legal matters.

With platforms that support a wide variety of processing capabilities, we can scale up or down using our regional processing facilities. We have experience working on large matters and small cases as well as meeting tight timelines for our clients. Our production processes can be customized to meet specific client or case needs for load file format, delivery type, and other parameters.

Your budget and time requirements are probably not the same as anyone else’s.

That’s why our robust proprietary processing and analytics-driven hosted review products are not one-size fits all. Our proprietary applications, CVLynx® and CVFox®, were custom developed to meet the needs of our clients' small and large scale matters.

TCDI Technology & Lean Six Sigma Methodology

With an uncommon focus on innovation, quality, and continuous improvement throughout our organization, we have deeply integrated the methodologies and proven theories of Lean processes, Six Sigma quality, and Agile software development into our daily activities.

We take project management very seriously (but we never take ourselves too seriously). That's why over 90% of our technical staff are certified in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, with over 40% at the Black Belt level, ensuring that each client receives the highest level of continuous improvement expertise. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and training for our team. This commitment  means that instead of sending staff offsite for training, we have a certified Lean Six Sigma instructor on staff to ensure that the teaching of Lean Six Sigma is realized in actual continuous improvement in our processes. It means that instead of creating software that simply mimics those of our competitors; we build features into our software that enable and promote a leaner, more accurate total process (machine, software and humans) to improve speed, lower costs and improve accuracy.

Our people-first approach begins with our teams. We believe that the superior tools, technology, and support that we give to our team members empowers them to be impassioned and objective partners that serve our clients with the most innovative solutions and reliable services available anywhere.

While TCDI's technology is premier, its reputation is chiefly derived from the quality of project management and project management teams. Effective project management is a combination of strong procedures and standards, coupled with an experienced team with focused expertise. Our project team members have experience in planning, migrating, implementing, and managing large scale, review, and production database systems.

Our approach to project management is different. We believe the project manager is the key to our long relationships with our clients. As such, we do not switch managers on our clients nor do we replace them with less experienced staff after the project gains maturity. Our managers are personally committed to their clients, and are their advocates for new software development features. They become true members of a team in which our clients are integral members. They're the real deal and you won’t find a better project management team anywhere.

TCDI’s Managed Services helps law firms and corporations achieve their most crucial business objectives in eDiscovery. Our eDiscovery Managed Services goes beyond unpredictable project-based pricing, and frustrating hidden fees and charges. It enables ongoing, collaborative, proactive workflow, process and eDiscovery protocol improvements. It also manages discovery in a way that provides unsurpassed visibility and transparency into your data and timelines. In other words, we make your life a whole lot easier.

TCDI eDiscovery Managed Services takes the guesswork out of the eDiscovery process for you. Managed services engagements allow corporate legal teams and law firms to leverage our 30-year investment in proprietary technologies, infrastructure and expertise to improve and streamline operations while reducing costs. We use our expertise to inspire the kind of creative thinking that leads to the remarkable problem-solving skills that our competitors just can’t match.

Our depth of expertise in managing legal processes and technology platforms provides a solid foundation for a long-term, reliable, and supportive managed services partnership. We work collaboratively and proactively as an extension of your litigation support and document production teams. You'll rest easy knowing that your TCDI team is always available and at your service.

We're proud to deliver a comprehensive and customized set of services that can be tailored to your needs. We can help you:

  • Reduce overall expenses and manage operational costs associated with the licensing, provisioning and maintenance of litigation support technologies
  • Standardize workflows across all cases to deliver improved end-user experience with more reliable results using our Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Create repeatable, efficient and defensible processes for responding to eDiscovery matters
  • Enable TCDI to deliver key strategies and execution across all your legal matters
  • Relieve you of the burden of managing discovery consultants, third party staffing and technologies easier
  • Build rapid and scalable teams of forensic, attorney, and litigation technology staff who can respond to all types and sizes of cases, all while meeting deadlines

36 years and counting. We must be doing something right.

It’s a lot easier to say than to do: Assemble the right mix of tech geeks, data nerds, flexible lawyers, Lean Six Sigma ninjas, and creative solution architects. Choose only people who are obsessed with client service and committed to being the best team they can be. Build systems that ensure high quality by design. Then stand back and let that team deliver an unmatched client experience at cost-effective, predictable prices.

Sure, it takes a bit of doing, but it’s worth it. And once you get used to working this way, nothing else will really do.