Litigation Management – Doing Things Smarter, Faster, Better

One of the primary concerns in managing complex litigation is cost. Companies can find themselves hit with hundreds or thousands of pending cases, turning their world upside down, as they struggle to keep up with the influx of data, documents and court deadlines.  Counsel and case teams burn the midnight oil scouring through documents, building [...]July 30, 2020 | Nancy Johnson

Better Than Yesterday

Recent days have created heavy hearts and minds.  Like many others, I find myself grieving inequities and saddened by tone deaf friends and leaders.  It is hard to know how to help, how to actively promote healing in our broken and hurting communities, and how to supportively step into conversations about race.  Personally, I’ve been [...]June 16, 2020 | Janet Hamilton

Thank You to Our Military Spouses

  There are so many reasons I love working with military spouses and I thought this week, Military Spouse Appreciation Week, would be a good time to put those reasons to paper.  In addition to being experienced and intelligent, there are some pretty great soft skills milspouses bring to the table that I have come [...]May 6, 2020 | Caragh Landry

The Overlooked Challenge of Remote Document Review

At TCDI, we have been doing remote review for three years now and we have the service, technology and process pretty down pat.  Over the last few weeks, I have been watching emails hit my inbox, articles surface online and postings hit LinkedIn about a bunch of other review companies partnering with Secure Review, or [...]April 23, 2020 | Caragh Landry

Catching Up With Bill

Over the past several weeks, it’s become clear that the legal industry is shifting. It is understandable that during this time, many may be wondering if we are going to change anything in reaction to the events that have hit our industry. Based on recent conversations I have had with law firms, clients, partners and [...]April 16, 2020 | Bill Johnson

A Millennial’s Point of View on the Importance of Longevity & Stability

The world is facing difficult times right now. There is no denying that fact. Many of us are experiencing fear and anxiety surrounding the current health concerns while at the same time millions of Americans have lost their jobs or are facing the reality that they may lose their jobs in the coming weeks and [...]April 6, 2020 | Elizabeth Wagoner

Coronavirus & Remote Work Considerations

As the rapidly developing Coronavirus situation continues to unfold, many employees may soon be required to work from home to help minimize exposure.  There are important cybersecurity considerations when working remotely that, if ignored, place your entire organization at risk. Remote work can be done securely with the proper procedures, training, and technology in place. [...]March 17, 2020 | Eric Vanderburg

Coronavirus, Schmoronavirus (Covid-19, TCDI and MSMR & Remote Review)

Yesterday morning, my husband’s company directed all employees to work from home for the ‘foreseeable’ future. Last night my kids’ school, as well as schools from several surrounding towns, was shut down indefinitely due to students testing positive for the Coronavirus.  This morning a slumber party my daughter is attending this weekend was cancelled. And [...]March 12, 2020 | Caragh Landry

CCPA’s Far Reaching Impact on Third Parties

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is now in effect, and its impact will be far-reaching. A cursory glance at the CCPA compliance might lead you to believe that it only impacts those who are working in California. After all, the Act was created to protect the privacy rights of California residents. However, our world [...]January 28, 2020 | Eric Vanderburg

Managed Doc Review vs Staffing

Managed Document Review (MDR) is often confused with attorney staffing, even after 15+ years as a commonly used service model.  At TCDI, we often get requests to place attorneys onsite at law firms across the US and we have to turn away these engagements because legal staffing is not something we offer at TCDI.  In [...]January 28, 2020 | Caragh Landry

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