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Our two quarterly newsletters, CyberOwl and LegalBits.

CyberOwl: Cybersecurity Newsletter focuses on all things cyber, from law, threats, and new and changing industry regulations. In addition, we provide best practices from industry experts on how to protect your business against today’s cyber threats.

LegalBits: Legal Technology Newsletter covers news and key topics about legal technology and services. For more than thirty years, client-focused services, client-driven technology and continuous process improvement have been at the core of our culture and partnerships with law firms and corporations. This newsletter is our way of sharing our connections, culture, and extensive experience, and our TCDI team with our community.


On-demand webinars to help keep our community up to speed on changes in cybersecurity, forensics and legal technology.

Case Studies

When you get to know what problems we’ve solved for our customers and how, you’ll get a pretty good sense of who we are and why we do what we do.

gradually larger stacks of coins with plants sprouting from each representing business growth

They Grow Up So Fast

Outcome A technology startup develops data privacy policies to further growth initiatives Situation A technology startup was quickly growing and attracting new clients. As they

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