eDiscovery in MDLs: Overcoming Unique Challenges On-Demand Webinar

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About the eDiscovery in MDLs On-Demand Webinar

Even in comparison to other complex litigation, multidistrict litigation matters (MDLs) present distinctive challenges in building and maintaining efficient and effective eDiscovery processes. In this webinar, you’ll hear practical tips and experienced perspectives from a world-class panel of eDiscovery litigators.

During the webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The unique challenges MDLs pose in establishing reasonable bounds on the scope of preservation and production;
  • The notion of “succession planning” to hedge against the frequent loss of subject matter experts – especially given the extreme duration of many MDLs;
  • The opportunities and risks tied to utilizing centralized document production repositories;
  • The added complexity and long-term impact of negotiating ESI protocols and protective orders in matters that often have numerous sets of plaintiffs and defendants (with differing risks, approaches, objectives even across co-defendants); and
  • The risks and opportunities tied to related parallel matters (regulatory, state AG, JCCP, etc.).

Meet the Panelists

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Looking for a specific topic?

1:17 – Meet the Panelists

5:39 – How MDLs are unique and setting bounds on preservation

11:50 – Rose’s introduction

12:42 – Mitigating the risk of over-preservation and reaching agreements (before and during ongoing MDLs)

16:33 – ESI protocols

17:10 – Impact of MDL preservation on future cases

20:27 – Navigating protective orders & ESI protocols

23:23 – Current trends in ESI protocols

24:45 – Email threading & technology-assisted review (TAR)

27:40 – Alignment with co-defendants

28:30 – Negotiating the use of technologies

33:11 – eDiscovery at scale

34:20 – Preparing for the scale of MDLs

36:41 – Building trust through the process & memorializing decisions

39:40 – Coordination between parallel-related matters

44:14 – Helping clients juggle overlapping matters

48:18 – Planning data management/document review to avoid duplication of efforts and mitigate cost

50:15 – Key relationships during MDLS

52:47 – Documentation and succession planning

53:30 – Preservation and preparing for the end

56:21 – Social media data, open source data, and hyperlink requests in MDLs

57:40 – Final thoughts

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