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We make our customers' lives easier by providing solutions designed to meet their complex needs.

For over 36 years, our knowledgeable team of experts in legal technology and information security have delivered uncompromising service and best-in-class technology. Our people-centric approach makes us unwaveringly accountable, responsive, and reliable. And just plain easy to work with.

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We started small but with big ideas, building our products and teams around the highest standards of data security and privacy. Simply put, we put our passion for data to work. Our deep understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges enabled us to create some of the best eDiscovery platforms and processes in the market. We excel at forensics, processing, hosting and review, and we work with many large and small corporations, law firms and government agencies.

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Having our own in-house team of design engineers and data scientists enables us to customize our solutions to fit our clients’ needs without the burden of working with third-party development teams. In addition, 70% of our team members are Lean Six Sigma certified, making us uniquely qualified to help our clients manage their fast-growing data volumes by utilizing proven waste and defect reducing methodologies.

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Our customers tell us that TCDI feels like family and a true extension of their teams. We find that deeply gratifying, as we have spent the past three decades fostering a people-centric culture focused on providing excellent customer service. TCDI’s goal is, and has always been, to cultivate long-lasting relationships and we have been mindful to design all of our processes and approach expansion with that goal in mind. In 2016, we acquired the well-matched JURINNOV® team, expanding our services to include computer forensics, data collections, and cybersecurity.


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In 2017, we acquired the eDiscovery division of Integreon, adding Relativity as an offering in addition to Relativity expertise to our Client Services team. In 2020 we acquired Cicayda® adding additional eDiscovery expertise. In 2022, we acquired Aon’s eDiscovery practice, adding RelativityOne, Communication Intelligence for mobile and chat data threading, enhanced PHI/PII detection, and the NOMAD mobile processing platform.

person utilizing a suite of legal support and cybersecurity services
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Who we are speaks to our culture of altruism and respect, which we extend to clients from our HQ in Greensboro, North Carolina, our satellite locations in Cleveland, OH,  Purchase, NY, London, UK, and from wherever our more than 160 employees live and work across the world. TCDI is an employee-owned company (ESOP), a certified minority-owned business, and a member of the US Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership. Women hold 50% of our leadership positions. We invite you to learn more about why so many of our clients have chosen to remain a part of our family for decades. Bottom line: We’re all about caring for our people and delivering dependable results for our clients.

Looking to work with smart people who could bridge the gap between software development and high-quality legal services, Bill Johnson, our CEO, gathered like-minded colleagues to launch TCDI in 1988. The company was among the first to recognize a path for technology to revolutionize large-scale litigation, developing some of the earliest software dedicated to transforming paper-based discovery into an efficient technology-enabled process. Now with more than 36 years of experience, our knowledgeable team of experts in legal technology and information security continue to deliver uncompromising service and best-in-class technology.

According to Japanese legend, the Crane is a symbol for luck. As the original corporate logo for TCDI, the origami crane represents good luck for TCDI and all of our clients. It also reflects the Japanese heritage of one TCDI founder and the aviation background of the other. Origami is the art of folding paper into a unique design. This ancient Japanese art of transforming a flat sheet of paper into any shape requires great technical skill, discipline, and logical thinking. We at TCDI apply those same principles to transform significant data into valuable knowledge management systems for our clients.

TCDI is committed to making a positive difference in the communities where we live and work. We believe in improving not only tomorrow’s technology, but also tomorrow’s world.