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When I Love You Doesn't Mean I Love You

Remember the “I Love You” virus? The first truly global computer virus, it disrupted the operations of businesses and government agencies all over the world, from Ford Motor Company and Merrill Lynch to government agencies such as the Pentagon and the British Parliament. All in the name of love. 

It began simply enough. Someone in the office received an email with “ILOVEYOU” in the subject line and a prompt to open the love letter. What appeared to be a text file was actually an executable program, and the virus quickly sent copies of itself to everyone in their email address book. No one could resist opening the “love letter.” Simple, but effective. In the twenty years since, cybercriminals have gotten much more sophisticated.

This is just one of the examples of how the majority of data breaches happen due to human error. Cybercriminals are pros and know how to convince otherwise trusted employees to do things they shouldn't, to divulge information they shouldn’t. Take email spam and phishing. Most employees know better, yet they open them anyway. In some instances, they will even get them out of the spam folder. Why? Because cybercriminals know what they are doing, and they write emails in such a way that they are hard to resist.

You can protect your firm or business by creating a security-focused culture with cybersecurity awareness training and education. When you have a robust cyber awareness program, your employees feel empowered and confident that they won’t be taken in by phishing, spear phishing, or other cyberattacks. You'll know you can trust them not to be taken in, and they'll repay your trust in kind.

Security awareness training can turn your employees into a valuable first line of defense against today’s cyber threats. Our cybersecurity awareness training gives your team access to tools and techniques to more easily identify threats such as phishing emails. And then we test them. Our managed social engineering service analyzes whether members of your team are still susceptible to threats by sending fake phishing messages and tracking the results.

Employees are one of the biggest threats to an organization’s information security. They don't mean to be, but when they lack security awareness and do not understand the risks they face, they are more likely to cause a data breach. Accordingly, employee cybersecurity awareness training should be an integral part of every organization’s overall security strategy.

Examples of breaches caused by employee negligence include:

  • An unencrypted laptop containing personally identifiable information (“PII”) was stolen from an employee’s unlocked car.
  • A secretary was tricked by a phishing email and disclosed their username and password to the company network.
  • An old computer containing protected health information (“PHI”) was sold on eBay without first wiping the data from the hard drive.
  • An employee opened an email attachment that secretly installed malware. The malware captured the company’s banking login credentials, and cybercriminals subsequently stole over $150,000 from the company’s bank account.

Information security training and awareness programs can transform an employee from being a cybersecurity liability into a valuable first line of defense for protecting an organization’s data. TCDI offers customized training programs where the scope of each session is determined by your risk and compliance objectives. Then, our experienced trainers will provide either onsite or remote training. Whether it is general risk and compliance or HIPAA security awareness training, TCDI will help your employees become more knowledgeable on how to protect your organization’s sensitive data.

Instilling the importance of data security in the minds of your employees is critical. Call the TCDI Cybersecurity Team today to discuss our information security training at (216) 664-1100.

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