A large manufacturing company’s current eDiscovery review platform was unable to effectively manage all of the relational documents and data needed for a complex litigation matter. The client wanted everything in a single tool that linked all relevant information together in one location.


Data had to be maintained in multiple platforms and tools, making it difficult for cross-functional teams to effectively collaborate and develop their overall strategy. This resulted in redundant work product, inaccurate data, and inefficient processes that cost the client and firms valuable time and money.
1 Repository
Created Seamless Navigation Between eDiscovery and Litigation Management Data

Enhanced Collaboration
Eliminated Redundancy and Improved
Data Accuracy


We worked closely with the firms to understand the various types of documents and data, and we designed a solution that allowed them to search, report, review, and analyze all within a single CVLynx repository. Instead of searching multiple locations to get an answer, users can seamlessly navigate between eDiscovery and litigation management data in CVLynx.
The law firms, experts, and other team members were able to efficiently collaborate within a single platform, making it easy to utilize visual analytics and analysis tools to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their case, and to do so in a cost-efficient manner.


The core functionality within CVLynx and the ability to have both their eDiscovery documents, litigation management materials, and other relational data in one platform allowed for a seamless workflow and collaboration across their legal team. This solution eliminated redundancy, improved data accuracy, and enhanced process efficiency, saving the client and their firms both time and money.