A large AmLaw 100 firm, renowned for defending and supporting privilege claims, faced the daunting task of generating exhaustive privilege logs. This process was both time-consuming and costly for their clients, and thus the firm sought ways to lessen the burden.

90% Decrease

in Manual Work Reviewing and Extracting Email Data


The firm aimed to stand out by maintaining their strong stance on privilege defense, while also looking to automate their process. Their goal was to not only uphold their high-quality service but also reduce their clients’ expenses.


To address this challenge, TCDI’s client services team devised a solution to parse the necessary information from the body of emails. This process scanned the email body for patterns resembling email header information, adjusting to the nuances of various email clients.
After identifying the header information, it was extracted from the body and organized in a separate table within the review database. This table also stored information about the email’s position relative to other emails in the conversation thread.


The client indicated that our work automated approximately 90% of the manual work they’ve had to do to review, pull out, and record the information embedded in these emails.