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From data processing through document production, our proprietary software delivers some of the most valuable and sought-after features and capabilities. Three applications in the Clarvergence Suite form the core of our eDiscovery technology offerings.

ClarVergence is a web-based application designed for comprehensive review, analysis and production. It is used by review and case teams to effectively complete the tasks associated with discovery obligations. Within the ClarVergence Suite are CVLynx®, designed for large-scale, complex litigation, and CVFox®, designed for the small to mid-tier corporations and law firms.

CVOnyx® is used by our processing technicians to perform various culling and processing tasks, and to prepare the data and files for loading to the review and analysis database.

While all are products of TCDI development, the inputs and outputs have been designed with consistency and interchangeability with other platforms common in the eDiscovery industry.  That is to say, CVOnyx processes and prepares data and files in a way that can be imported into all commonly used database-centric platforms including our own.  Likewise, CVLynx can import from, and export to, any other industry review platform using common import and export formats.

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