Electronic Discovery Simplification and Sophistication – Now You Can Have Both

In a recent article for Bloomberg BNA’s Digital Discovery & e-Evidence, I discussed how big data captured the attention of technologists, who then developed software specifically for large-scale litigation without consideration for small to mediumsize cases. Furthermore, enterprise solutions generally suffered from scaling down economically to handle these cases and got “stuck” in legacy review platforms that weren’t created for eDiscovery. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that technologists created SaaS platforms for small and medium-size cases. Unfortunately, these platforms were too simplified and lacked the features needed to allow practitioners to compete with firms using sophisticated platforms.

The main reasons for the lack of sophistication are:

  1. Design
  2. The platforms are still being built, but have been released to the market early.

The decision for a pared-down design is because software developers buy into the argument from their client base that it needs to be “so simple anyone can use it.” This is problematic as technology will always continue to advance and holding your client base back will perpetuate antiquated workflows.

The other platforms that continue to get built with advancing technology have the right idea, but in many instances, the decision to use those platforms is a gamble on current and future cases.

The best options on the market are platforms that are easy to learn and designed to guide review teams on how to fully leverage advanced analytics and workflows. CVFox is an eDisovery SaaS product designed for small to medium-size cases with these needs in mind so that practitioners can now compete with large firms using sophisticated platforms.

CVFox was extracted from a highly sophisticated platform, ClarVergence™, which has been used for complex MDL, high volumes of ESI and antitrust litigation. CVFox presents the same features like concept analytics, simple to complex workflows and productions with predictable pricing. The templates and simplicity in the interface create a user experience where those of all levels of experience can continually improve their ECA and review strategies. Request a demo today and see for yourself.

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