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CV6® for EDiscovery
new-crane400 From data processing through document production, our software delivers some of the most valuable and sought-after features and capabilities. Click below to learn more about how we can bring these solutions to your eDiscovery challenges.

CVFox®, based on the mature, technologically advanced ClarVergence®, brings an affordable, simple and sophisticated discovery solution to the mid-tier market with processing, ECA, CAAT analytics, review, and production in one SaaS product.

Litigation Management
new-crane400Most litigation doesn’t need a management system as robust as ours, but for those that do… nothing compares to what we deliver. Click below to find out what makes our Litigation Management solution so different.
Cybersecurity Services

Gain peace of mind in our digital world by protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data and critical systems. TCDI security practitioners, analysts, engineers and forensic investigators will apply their unique skills to create confidence in your information systems and policies.
Computer Forensics
Computer forensics is useful in a variety of litigation matters and corporate investigations. Whether relevant data is contained on a laptop, server, cell phone or other device, our certified forensic analysts are trained to collect and analyze electronic evidence following forensic methodologies and procedures.
Data Processing as a Service

Discovery WorkFlow can filter, de-duplicate, and extract metadata and text from more than 390 file types, including Lotus Notes databases and Exchange email. Once processed, metadata, full text and natives can be packaged into load file formats compatible with any major review and production platform.