On September 29, 2023, TCDI sponsored the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) South Florida’s 13th Annual CLE Conference titled, “Game On! Leveling Up In-House.” The day was structured around three tracks of programming, providing seminars that catered to the interests of all attendees.

Among those sessions was TCDI’s panel discussion that focused on the importance of litigation management metrics.  Panelists came from a variety of backgrounds and industries, including Lara Bach from TelevisaUnivision, Marcie Getelman from Lennar, Michele Laine from MasTec, and Raul Taveras from General Motors, to share their experience and insights. Moderated by Andy Cosgrove, TCDI’s Chief Strategy Officer, the session was a huge success. 

Take Your Litigation Management Metrics to the Next Dimension

During the discussion, the panelists shared practical takeaways on how in-house counsel can leverage litigation management metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) beyond their traditional role in post-matter evaluation.

A particularly noteworthy point was how these metrics can be employed in real-time to align in-house teams with outside counsel, especially when it comes to strategy, value, and resource allocation.

I’ve provided a few examples below:

ACC Panel

Highlights from the Discussion

When using metrics in real-time, legal teams can gain a clearer view of their spending. By watching these metrics closely, they can ensure budget is not exceeded. For example, if a litigation matter looks like it’s costing more than expected, the team can quickly decide to change their approach or request more funds.

It’s also helpful to keep track of how many hours are being spent, whether by outside counsel or internal teams. This helps make sure that resources are used wisely. For instance, if one matter is getting a lot of attention while another isn’t, the team can reallocate personnel. Metrics can also point out if certain strategies aren’t performing as expected. If motions keep failing, it’s a sign that the team might need to rethink their approach.

Finally, these real-time metrics can make it easier to communicate and update stakeholders, including senior management. Instead of vague updates, they can be given clear charts or regular summaries to show exactly how cases are moving along.


Based on the discussion, it’s clear that leveraging real-time metrics is invaluable for today’s legal teams. These metrics are not just about keeping track of spending or counting hours. They’re tools for refining strategy, improving communication with stakeholders, and making sure resources are used to their fullest potential. By focusing on these aspects, legal teams can navigate the complexities of modern litigation more effectively than ever before.

About ACC South Florida
The ACC South Florida serves in-house counsel in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties and currently has more than 550 members.  TCDI enjoys partnering with ACC South Florida as a Silver Sponsor for this wonderful event each year… it is always a fantastic opportunity to share, learn and socialize with many of our friends in the South Florida corporate legal community.