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Digital Forensics Analyst

Do you want to be a part of an exciting opportunity to have an impact of growing a cybersecurity and legal software company? Are you an experienced digital forensic analyst excited to take on your next challenge? This could be the next phase of your career.

TCDI is looking to add an experienced Digital Forensics Analyst to our team. This position will be responsible for preserving and analyzing data from various sources, including laptops / desktops, servers, cell phones, cloud-based services etc. In addition, the Digital Forensic Analyst will assist with growing client relationships through direct communication with them in a consulting and advisory context.

See below for a full list of duties, requirements, and location information. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • 1+ years of computer forensics experience (preferred);
  • Attention to detail along with accuracy and specificity in documentation and reporting;
  • One or more of the following certifications preferred: ACE, GCFA or other relevant industry certifications;
  • Cybersecurity training or experience is a plus;
  • Demonstrated skill in preserving and analyzing complex data, evaluating information and systems, and drawing logical conclusions; and
  • Must demonstrate the ability to maintain strict confidentiality of the internal affairs and client work.
  • Responsible for obtaining and preserving ESI found on all forms of media present at client organizations;
  • Perform data preservation utilizing forensically sound acquisition procedures;
  • Responsible for performing acquisitions of data obtained on a wide range of devices (computers, laptops, servers, cell phones, tablets, and other various forms of media);
  • Maintain accurate and complete chain of custody documentation and description of evidence on all data;
  • Provide documentation and explanation of analysis and findings for the client;
  • Draft forensic analysis summary reports for client projects;
  • Directly communicate with clients in a consulting and advisory context;
  • Travel to a client site when required, sometimes on short notice;
  • Strictly adhere to budgets and keep track of billable hours to ensure accuracy;
  • Testify as an expert, as requested, on civil or regulatory matters;
  • Correspond with clients and facilitate the return / destruction of evidence;
  • Ensure chain of custody forms are maintained for all stored and received / sent evidence;
  • Perform various forms of eDiscovery to identify targeted ESI, including staging client data and removing system files as well as culling, filtering, indexing, and searching data;
  • Assist with other projects and/or tasks assigned as the business requires;
  • Present to attorneys, students, and potential clients on digital forensic topics;
  • Build and maintain relationships with past clients, expand reach into existing client’s business, and initiate contacts with new potential clients;
  • Maintain a high degree of understanding of the latest digital forensic tools and techniques;
  • Research and recommend technology and infrastructure to enhance the delivery of services for other internal and external clients;
  • Provide advice and assistance to management on equipment acquisition and management;
  • Develop and maintain up-to-date process documentation;
  • Responsible for safekeeping, managing, and returning physical evidence belonging to the client, opposing side, and/or third parties.
  • Bachelor's Degree (preferred)
  • Located in Cleveland, Ohio or Greensboro, North Carolina 
  • Hybrid work options available
  • Normal office environment;
  • Prolonged computer work daily;
  • This customer-facing role requires excellent oral and written communication skills and professionalism.

To Apply:
Please send your resume and cover letter to