What if, in the course of a normal business day, every electronic document, email file and report that was potentially relevant to any one of a hundred ongoing cases could be automatically sent to a storage database? And what if it could then be processed and sent to a litigation support platform where it could be searched and reviewed for responsiveness, privilege, and trade secret? No back-up tapes would be sent to outside vendors. But wait, there’s more. What if this system linked every one of the company’s computers and servers throughout the world? What if electronic discovery were this easy?

It can be. TCDI has turned these “what ifs” into realities for a global financial institution. Let’s call them Big Bucks, Inc. Unfortunately Big Bucks, Inc. was spending seriously big bucks trying to comply with the burden of electronic discovery required by ongoing litigation. Their IT department had to physically search thousands of custodial computers and servers and send out back-up tapes to outside vendors. They then had to search through all the repetitive and meaningless data. And they had to do this every quarter with no end in site.

TCDI formed a team of legal and technology advisors to create a custom electronic discovery software system that can identify and retrieve electronically stored information that’s potentially relevant to regulatory and litigation demands. The data is sent to a storage database, electronically searched and then sent to a litigation support platform. Once there, the data is reviewed by additional key words to reduce the burden of review. Then a legal team can make a final review before the data is released for discovery.

TCDI’s team installed and implemented the electronic discovery management system and then trained the IT and legal departments so they could manage the data transfer and the litigation support platform. Not only is this system much more efficient and cost-effective, it also ensures compliance because relevant files are captured before they might otherwise be deleted in the normal course of business.

The Director of Big Bucks’ legal department-let’s call him Mr. Einstein-says that TCDI’s electronic discovery management system saves his company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and makes him look like a genius.