Lawyers are not by nature early adopters of technology. They had to be dragged into the computer age a decade or so ago. Today, most firms have no electronic discovery systems in place to sort, review and retrieve relevant information. So when their clients deliver boxes and boxes of CD’s and DVD’s produced during electronic discovery, many law firms aren’t sure how to figure out what’s on them. Some of the smarter firms bring the electronic data to TCDI.

Recently, one such firm faced electronic discovery in a patent infringement action with potential damages in the $100 million range. Their client had just delivered hundreds of CD’s. They needed to inventory the contents so they could perform a review of the electronically stored information (ESI). They also wanted the electronic data converted to .tiff formats.

TCDI’s electronic discovery team went to work, identifying, for example, over 10,000 word files, several hundred email files and several thousand Excel files. The firm was able to review the contents and create parameters for which files would be processed and converted. TCDI finished the conversion and delivered the electronic data ahead of deadline.