Background: A global consumer products company does business in over 50 countries, which means it engages in litigation in over 50 countries. That’s a minimum of 50 law firms, a dozen languages and every time zone. Let’s call this company Goliath Inc.

Problem: When one law firm is working, the other is sleeping. Goliath, Inc. is wasting thousands of hours with its law firms trying to communicate and keep track of the status of cases. In addition, creating reports to company executives, insurance carriers and auditors has become a nightmare. Each quarter, law firms from around the globe fax in thousands of pages of documents, and then a team at Goliath works feverishly for two weeks to compile it all.

Solution: TCDI creates a litigation case management database that includes case-specific files. Specific firms are assigned to keep the status of each file up to date on a weekly basis. The files include the dollar value at issue, the most recent pleadings, next action steps, briefs and much more. The case management database is searchable in several ways: by types of litigation, by country, by jurisdiction, by key word, by dates.

Now, in-house lawyers can search the case management database and generate reports in minutes and then email the reports to other Goliath executives who demand the information to meet business and regulatory needs. The savings in time spent compiling reports paid for the database. All the other efficiencies are gravy.

Managing the Solution: TCDI hosts and manages the data center for Goliath from a site in Europe.