Insurance company closes largest deal of the year


  • An insurance company had been negotiating a deal with a potential client for over six months, and if they managed to win the project, it would have been their largest deal of the year.
  • In mid-December, the client was finally ready to sign on the dotted line but before they did they required information on the insurance company’s most recent penetration test.
  • The last penetration test the insurance company had performed was well over two years ago and not recent enough to satisfy the potential client.
  • The insurance company only had two weeks to undergo a new penetration test and provide the report to the potential client before the engagement was set to begin.


  • Months of negotiation and countless hours would be wasted if the insurance company could not produce a recent pen test report satisfactory to the client.


  • TCDI worked overtime into the evenings and throughout the weekend to perform the penetration test in order to deliver the report within the first week of the engagement.
  • The insurance company produced the final report to their client before the deadline. After reviewing the penetration testing results, the client was satisfied that the insurance company’s security was on par with their expectations.
  • The deal was signed and delivered the next day, resulting in a significant boost in our client’s business.