One of our clients wanted to install a database in-house (before they were our client), but didn’t have the internal expertise. Company X was so committed to this course of action that they decided to do a national search to hire the right people. The search took months. In the end, they just couldn’t find the right people. According to the HR Director for Company X, “We got close with a couple of candidates but just couldn’t compete with the kinds of compensation they were commanding as consultants.”

Out of frustration, Company X engaged us to help them install a case management database. Once it was up and running, Company X was able to manage it themselves.

Another client hired us to observe one of the largest installations of case management software in the country. Another company was doing the installation, and this client wanted outside verification that the system was functioning properly. We designed an acceptance test to make sure the system was working.

Our goal is to help clients solve problems. We don’t care if we design the software or simply customize it. We don’t care if we do the installation or oversee it. We don’t care if we host the database or train internal IT staff to manage it. We just care that clients are able to work more efficiently and cost-effectively.