A technology startup develops data privacy policies to further growth initiatives


  • A technology startup was quickly growing and attracting new clients.
  • As they took on more clients, they began to receive requests for more information regarding their compliance standards and policies.
  • As a relatively new company, they realized they did not have any security policies in place and were unfamiliar with the compliance obligations they faced.
  • As clients continued to send them risk assessment questionnaires regarding their data security practices, the company grew increasingly concerned.


  • If they did not quickly draft and implement security policies, they risked losing current and potential clients.


  • The company reached out to TCDI for help and requested policy development services.
  • The cybersecurity services team interviewed the client to learn more about the organization and its data protection obligations. Soon, TCDI determined which compliance requirements the company’s clients required and what policies needed to be implemented in order to comply.
  • TCDI drafted and finalized the security policies and assisted the company in implementing them throughout the company.