A company with annual revenues in excess of $200 million began to notice some accounting irregularities and suspected that an employee was embezzling small sums of money. Eventually, they came to suspect the CFO and brought in TCDI to perform a computer forensic investigation. It was important to keep the investigation quiet. So, TCDI’s computer forensic expert entered the company’s office late one night to search the CFO’s computer.

While TCDI’s computer forensic expert was there, the CFO walked in to pick up something he had left in his office. He demanded to know why some stranger was using his computer at this late hour. The computer forensic expert didn’t miss a beat, explaining that there was a serious computer virus making its way through the company’s network, and he would be there all night trying to eradicate it. He even invited the CFO to stick around if he’d like to watch. Satisfied, the CFO left.

TCDI’s computer forensic expert was able to copy the entire hard drive and email files. In the next several days, the TCDI team forensically analyzed the information on the CFO’s computer, discovering several sets of financial records and a list of the CFO’s gambling debts going back 4 years. TCDI was able to determine that the CFO had embezzled over $5 million over several years.