If you haven’t heard all the buzz, we officially launched CVFox at Legaltech New York last week! After nearly 30 years of being a litigation partner to our clients, we knew there was a need for an affordable end-to-end discovery solution for the mid-tier corporate and law firm market. That’s where CVFox comes in! CVFox brings together data processing, complex databases, workflows and review strategies in one simplified SaaS product to streamline the review process. With CVFox, all cases are given access to the best available technology, including CAAT® analytics, at predictable pricing so they can be properly litigated and defended on merit.
CVFox was very well received at Legaltech New York. Here is a highlight of what the industry is saying:

Legaltech News:

“TCDI Launches Fox to Provide Complete and Affordable Discovery.”

This article first ran on Monday, February 1 (the day before Legaltech New York – where we officially launched TCDI Fox) and appeared on the LTN web site as well as in the LTN Daily Alert Newsletter with “Today’s Top Stories.” You can find the article at www.legaltechnews.com

“The Pre-LTNY Legaltech Innovation Roundup: Legaltech Company News to Know (Part 2).”

This article also ran in “Today’s Top Stories” on Monday, February 1 and has an entire section highlighting TCDI and our launch of Fox. This, like the article above, has run multiple times in the daily newsletter sent out by this publication. www.legaltechnews.com

Legal IT Professionalswww.legalitprofessionals.com

PinHawk – TCDI Announces the Launch of Fox at Legaltech New York

In addition, we had a Fox hunt at Legaltech New York, and attendees received clues and had the opportunity to find original origami foxes that were hidden throughout the event. It was so much fun and we look forward to doing more things like this in the future!
If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out Fox for yourself!