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An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth... Everything

As the number of cyber threats grows, prioritizing IT security is critical. Despite an increasing awareness of the need for proactive security measures, many companies put off implementing security initiatives until they’ve suffered a loss as a result of a data breach. TCDI expertly manages security processes with minimal intrusion so that you can continue conducting business as usual. Our unmatched responsiveness and reliability mean that you’ll rest assured knowing that you can depend on us for a constant line of communication and seamless reporting.

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CyberPulse 365® can help you proactively detect and defend against cyber threats with cutting-edge technology administered by TCDI’s team of security experts. Our managed service combines security information and event management (SIEM), vulnerability scanning, endpoint protection, and data loss prevention technologies to provide a holistic threat management and monitoring solution.

CyberPulse 365® is powered by SecureOwl®, a cutting-edge security appliance that is installed on-site and administered remotely by the engineers in TCDI’s Security Operations Center (SOC). SecureOwl® delivers multiple security functions, including monitoring, detection, control, and protection.

This integrated security information and event management (SIEM) platform provides robust cybersecurity monitoring and alerting. The SecureOwl® application collects log files from devices on your network, including servers, workstations, switches, routers, firewalls, and storage devices. It then encrypts and sends the information to TCDI for analysis.

Log files--system-generated data that record important events that take place on a device or application--are critical for identifying and analyzing cyber threats. TCDI applies best practices to computer logging settings to ensure that valuable data is tracked and then retrieves logging information in real-time from devices for searching, analysis, archival, and alerting.

We analyze events in real-time and correlate information from different devices to get a holistic understanding of normal activity. Any suspicious activity generates alerts that our CyberOps team reviews to determine if action is necessary and, if so, we'll contact you with remediation advice. In addition to manual notifications, some events trigger automatic workflows to mitigate the threat, such as disabling an account or quarantining a device. This way, you get the best of both worlds: suspicious devices are disabled, and you know there is a person reviewing threats and giving you advice.

Malware is one of the primary ways attackers breach corporate networks and is often distributed through phishing messages or installed through malicious online ads or links. It's surprising how often people fall for these simple methods. But the consequences are far from simple. A malware infection can include corruption of data or systems, ransom demands, or data exfiltration.

CyberPulse 365’s advanced malware protection combines endpoint protection, centralized monitoring, rapid virus definition deployment, and access to incident response and malware sandboxing services to provide a powerful defense against attacks.

Vulnerability management identifies issues with incorrect configurations, system changes, or software bugs so they can be corrected before hackers or malicious insiders exploit them. We will scan client networks monthly and deliver a list of vulnerabilities and prioritized remediation actions.

Data loss prevention (DLP) policies are enforced across devices to control how data is used, stored, and transmitted. Some actions may trigger an alert while others are prevented, thus stopping data from traversing to unauthorized cloud services, external devices, or unknown email recipients.

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The cybersecurity assessment provides a road map for improving data privacy. To request a quote or to learn more, please call our cybersecurity team at 1-877-840-4357.

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