Eric Vanderburg

In childhood I dreamed of a world so grand
Where my name and face were no longer a mystery
A life far removed from the one that felt bland
Popular, famous, well regarded, in fact, pure fantasy

Little did I know that my dream would become real
My name and identity are known far and wide
Government, supermarkets and thieves don’t need to steal
I’ve given it freely, when asked, I provide

Now everything is different, complex and distorted
Simple data or a password transforms me into you
All that I do is electronically cataloged and reported
So that strangers know me better than I do

Daily, I prove to machines that I’m me
Contemplating this leaves me completely astonished
I guess you could say it’s a crisis of identity
Is this the future that technology promised?

Oh give me the life that was simple and understood
When I was myself as no other could be
Alas it is gone and lamenting it is no good
All that I want is a little privacy