Military Spouse Managed Review (MSMR)℠

Attorney spouses of active military know the challenges of enjoying a career in law. The majority are unemployed for long periods due to frequent relocation and inconsistent state-licensing requirements while keeping their commitment to hold their families together. At the core of TCDI’s Military Spouse Managed Review℠ (MSMR) program are Virtual Review Centers which allow us to engage military spouse reviewers of varying skills and expertise to remove the geographical hurdle of finding careers in the legal industry.

Our MSMR program is our largest and best positioned model for enabling the employment of this highly vetted, large-scale workforce of document reviewers and legal professionals across the United States. This model allows us to scale to the document review needs of any organization and provides companies with access to reviewers with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Not only are you supporting the families of people serving our country, but there are several other benefits of working with military spouses:

  • Diverse industry expertise and specializations
  • Ability to handle sharp deadlines and stressful projects
  • Highly flexible, adaptable and dedicated team members
  • Increased foreign language expertise

In addition to licensed attorneys, we’ve expanded our program to include other legal work outside document review. Litigation coding and legal research are just a couple of examples of opportunities available to non-attorney military spouses with legal backgrounds.

We are proud of all that was accomplished in 2018. A few highlights include:

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