Greensboro, N.C. (October 10, 2018) – Technology Concepts & Design, Inc. (TCDI), a pioneer in legal technology, announced today a new initiative designed to provide jobs for military spouses who are licensed attorneys, Juris Doctor degree holders and other legal professionals. The Military Spouse Managed Review℠ program (MSMR) will connect qualified legal professionals across the United States with ongoing contract and full-time document review positions. TCDI’s strict information security policies ensure confidentiality, security and data privacy for remote work.

According to a May 2018 White House Council of Economic Advisors report “Military Spouses in the Labor Market,” husbands and wives of military service members face a 16 percent unemployment rate, and those who are employed earn 26 percent less than their civilian counterparts. This is largely due to military families typically moving every two to three years. While efforts are under way to eliminate geographical licensing requirements for military spouse legal professionals, a lack of opportunities remain.

“We are extremely proud of this program. There is an immense need for flexible legal careers that provide longevity and professional satisfaction to the spouses of military service members,” said Bill Johnson, CEO of TCDI. “MSMR will ensure that reliable opportunities exist for those who sacrifice every day to preserve and protect our way of life.”

Through partnerships with organizations such as Homefront to Hired and VirtForce, MSMR has assembled a diverse pool of qualified, adaptable and experienced reviewers. TCDI eliminates geographical constraints by providing remote review through innovative technology and security safeguards that reside in its Virtual Review Center (VRC). All hardware and software elements of the VRC – with the exception of the end-user workstations – are hosted in a Tier 3 data center fully owned and operated by TCDI.

The VRC’s security design ensures authentication and protection protocols meet or exceed those of on-site review centers. The virtual environment fully integrates into the information security architecture used in the TCDI data center.

“TCDI is proud to support military families while gaining vital team members. We believe that these attorneys can find a permanent home working with us, wherever they live and whenever they move,” stated Johnson.

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